Annual Implements of Husbandry Permits

Annual Implements of Husbandry PermitsTxDMV issues an annual permit for transporting implements of husbandry exceeding Texas legal size and weight limits. This permit is an annual permit that expires one year from the effective date.

Oversize or overweight implements of husbandry operating under this permit may not exceed:

  • Maximum Width - 16'
  • Maximum Height - 16'
  • Maximum Length - 110'
  • Maximum Weight – Max. allowable permit weights

Implements of husbandry include farm implements, machinery and tools, as used in tilling the soil, towed vehicles that transport to the field and spread fertilizer or agricultural chemicals, and motor vehicles designed and adapted to deliver feed to livestock. Examples: cultivators, farm tractors, reapers, binders, combines, cotton module builders, planters, discs, etc.

Implements of husbandry do not include automobiles, trucks or items used on the farm such as irrigation systems, silo, barns, etc.

Contact MCD at (800) 299-1700 for questions concerning eligibility.

NOTE: You must verify the size and weight limits needed BEFORE seeking a special permit.

Operating Authority Requirements

Prior to being issued a permit, you must comply with TxDMV Motor Carrier Registration (MCR) or Unified Carrier Registration (UCR). If not required to have TxDMV MCR or UCR, you must have a permit bond in the amount of $10,000 on file with TxDMV.

Additional Requirements

You are responsible for routing and obtaining current restrictions prior to movement. Active time permit holders may use TxPROS to generate free routes for loads moving under their time permit.

How to Apply

You may also:

Payment information must be provided with the permit application.

Fees & Payment Information

The permit fee is $270. In addition to the permit fee, a highway maintenance fee is required for loads exceeding 80,000 pounds. Highway maintenance fees are listed in the table below:

Gross Weight in Pounds Highway Maintenance Fee Permit Fee Total Fee
80,001 - 120,000 $150 $270 $420
120,001 - 160,000 $225 $270 $495
160,001 - 200,000 $300 $270 $570
200,001 - above* $375 $270 $645

*Vehicles and loads with a combined gross vehicle weight exceeding 200,000 pounds must have at least 95 feet of total axle spacing. A vehicle supervision fee of $35 will be charged, in addition to the permit fee and highway maintenance fee, for loads exceeding 200,000 pounds. Fees are payable by:

  • MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express (a service charge of 25 cents per permit plus 2.25 percent will be added.)
  • Personal check, business check, cashier's check or money order, payable to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (for mail applications only)
  • Cash (MUST be delivered to a TxDMV Regional Service Center)

A permit fee will not be refunded after the permit number has been issued unless such refund is necessary to correct an error made by the Motor Carrier Division.

More Information

  • General escort and equipment requirements apply to both permitted vehicles and escort vehicles.View Escort and Equipment Requirements
  • A permit may not be transferred between vehicles or permittees.
  • Review your permit for specific conditions that apply to your load and movement